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Universal Dinky Link IR Receiver

These small IR receivers have been designed for mounting in very small
spaces. They may be mounted under shelf edges, cabinet ledges, in wall
speakers, etc. – anywhere an inconspicuous appearance is desired. The high
sensitivity of these receivers allows placement behind speaker grilles and still
receive IR commands up to 120 feet away*.

• Wire channel for clean installation.
• System testing red-talk-back LED.
• Includes 3-Terminal Block for easy extension to remote room locations.

• Infrared carrier frequency bandwidth: 25 - 60 kHz.
• Reception range: Up to 120 feet.*
• Reception angle: +/- 60 degrees.
• Cable requirements: See “INSTALLATION” below.
• Max. Transmission length: 1 mile using 18 gauge wire.
• Maximum current output: 100mA.
• Drives IR emitters through Xantech Connecting Blocks, Controllers, etc.
• Dimensions: 2.55” x 0.55” x 0.35” (65mm x 14mm x 9mm).
• Power requirements: +12VDC, 10mA.
* Depending on remote control output strength and ambient conditions.

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