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Micro Link Universal IR Receiver Kit

Extended Range (up to 120 feet)
For use with all types of cable boxes, satellite boxes, remote controls and TVs
Works with LED, LCD & plasma TV’s and CFL lighting
White, brass & black bezels included to match décor

Kit includes:

1 ML95 IR receiver
1 Model 789-44 connecting block
•    Connects one IR receiver to 4 IR emitter ports
•    Enough power to drive up to 4 dual emitters
1 12VDC regulated power supply
4 Blink-IR™ Designer emitters
1 Instruction manual
1 Trim kit with white, brass, and black bezels

•    Works with all types of cable boxes, satellite boxes, and TVs
•    Peephole design—easy to hide
•    Proprietary ambient noise-suppression technology for reliable operation in any lighting environment including compact fluorescents
•    IR modulation frequency bandwidth: 25-60kHz
•    Reception range: up to120 ft/36 m*
•    Color-coded connectors for fast, easy installation

* Actual range depends on remote control output and ambient lighting conditions.

Order: ML95

Order Export: ML95KE

Data Sheet
Product Manual