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IP-IR Connecting Block
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XLIP200 modules will typically be setup as a source (receiver) and a destination (emitter) in a two (or more) module system with at least one module setup as a receiver and at least one module setup as an emitter to receiver, transmit and output IR.

In receiver mode, with an external IR receiver connected, the XLIP200 will receive an IR command, convert it to packet data and send that data to a pre-determined IP address, typically another XLIP200 in emitter mode.

n emitter mode, the XLIP200 will decode the received data and output IR, as originally received, via a connected IR emitter.

Depending on configuration, one XLIP200 in receiver can send data to multiple XLIP200s in emitter mode, or multiple XLIP200s in receiver mode can send data to a single XLIP200 in emitter mode.

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