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One Zone Ten Source Amplified Connecting Block
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  • Emitter port jumpers permit high or low power IR outpout
  • High-speed opto-isolator for improved operation
  • Parallel emitter ports drive 10 single or 10 dual emitters
  • Contains red LED input signal Test-IR
  • Requires either the 781ERGPS or 782ERGPS Power Supply
  • Dimensions: 6" x 2 1/4" x 15/16" (153mm x 58mm x 24mm)
  • Up to nine 790-00's can be connected to the 791-44 for control of up to 100 devices in a single zone
  • STATUS terminal for connection of Xantech IR Receivers and Keypads that have status indicator LED's
  • Quick connect stereo mini jack for Xantech IR Receivers that use a stereo mini plug

Order: 79144

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